Monday, November 16, 2009

Manipulation of photography

Back in the years, photographs could not be edited in any kind of form. It is film based that could only be developed after using the whole role of it. In today current era of cameras, the production of digital camera is increasing. Digital camera enables you to capture whatever picture you like and it is not necessarily needed to be develop. After transferring it to your computer, unwanted pictures could be discard and photographs could be edited through liable photo editors, Photoshop.

“Photography we see in films, books, and periodicals is often stunning in its design, import, and aesthetics. It may also be fake, enhanced, or manufactured by emerging digital technologies that have transformed”. (K.Browser, 1998) This is because of the ever growing media of photo editing. Photo editing enables you to blur out unwanted objects in your photograph and enables you to enhance the color quality.

What you see in photographs may not necessarily be real. Photographs can manipulate your vision towards it.


Before and After

Now, you can clearly see how photographs are manipulated through photo editings. It gives a more vibrant color only to convince your eyes that it is real.

Although being said that the enhancing of a photograph is not necessarily bad, but in terms of reporting news, photographs go through photo editings to give a greater exageration on the current issue.

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