Saturday, November 14, 2009

Indonesian weekly apologizes due to the 'imitation' of the Christianities.

The Indonesian weekly sincerely apologized to the media about the 'imitation' of Leonardo Da Vinci's last supper. They claimed that it was not to disrespect the Christianities. To compensate for the 'imitation' of Leonardo Da Vinci's last supper, in the weekly Tempo magazine, the Indonesian weekly would further extend their apologies to avoid protests against this act.

The image on the cover of the book is indisputably obvious that it is a portrayal of Leonardo Da Vinci's last supper. Not much of explanation could be done because it clearly looks like it was either by mistake or purpose. In media, research should be nicely run to avoid controversies like this. According to Shriver (1997), signs from different countries do not share the same meaning. The cause of this problem is mainly because of cultural differences. Taking in account to other countries cultural differences apart from yours is essential.

Suharto's: Tempo Setelah Dia Pergi

Leonardo Da Vinci - Last Supper

The media should pay more attention to issues like this that are obviously a very sensitive issue once it involves religions.

  1. Schriver, K.A 1997, 'The interplay of words and pictures', Dynamics in document design : creating texts for readers, p. 361-441, Wiley Computer Pub, New York.

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