Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The new Facebook uplift left some devotees furious

In this article, AFP reports, Facebook users are furious about the new changes in layout in terms of new application. Marc Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook has been changing the layout, adding new applications, chat spaces, notification and advertisements without warning. Year by year the layout of Facebook were changed over the night without notifying users of the maintenance. It left many Facebook users furious after having to encounter new changes; some found it hard to navigate through, some thought it was a good change.

In my personal point of view, at the beginning when Facebook had a major facelift it got me furious on how to navigate and where were the placements of some tabs. After a long run, it became much easier, although the old layout was rather simple and plain. New applications like games, chats, notifications, photo sharing and what not are entertaining and it keeps you updated on your family and friends with one click away. Others are still furious about the new 'News Feed' and 'Live Feed'.

    Old Layout

    New Layout

    I'd like to propose that the editor of Facebook to start sending out short notifications a day or two before a new facelift again. New changes should be done in the 'Notification' tab. Changes that enables us to block unnecessary notifications from our friend's list. As mentioned by Grunwald (2009), the main principles of a good website design is to make your site easy to navigate, know your intended audience to maintain close relationship with the users.


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