Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Blogging Revolution

Anthony Loewenstein wrote a book about the blogging revolution in six different countries. As a whole, the article talks about how Internet a very poisonous and highly influential medium around the globe. We rely so much on the Internet that some of us tend to lose our values we hold against ourselves. In Havana, Cuba, the only people that have access to the Internet are the middle class people. Anthony Funnell commented, “blogging and the internet is a great democratiser” Therefore in these countries especially Iran still holds a great value of themselves that is not easily influenced even through media. The government of Cuba only allows very few webpages to be accessed by the community. Intranet is an offline community where websites that are approved by the authorities can only be viewed.

I would very much agree that media is a poisonous medium that tends to brainwash the community with information. Perhaps in Malaysia, the freedom of speech and the censorship is highly governed. It is hard to access to websites that particularly criticizes about the Muslims, as we are an Islamic country.

In my opinion, the revolutionary of blogging is hazardous to the country. We are bound to obtain false information and most of us are gullible toward the Internet such as Wikipedia. Webpages such as pornography and crimes are mainly prohibited in some countries due to their high rating of censorship. This is so to avoid unnecessary criminal activities or unwanted crimes.

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